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Ceramic Coating

Looking for the ultimate protection for your vehicle or boat? No need to look any further! Ceramic coating does just that. It acts as a barrier for your clearcoat or gelcoat of any vehicle. The clear coating protects your paint. The best time to apply is when you first purchase a vehicle and the clear coat is new. If you have an older vehicle, you can still restore and protect the clear coat.


Over years the sun and elements beat down on the clearcoat which eventually causes the clearcoat to become oxidized, scratched and will eventually fail and start to peel off. Don't let that happen to your investment!

Ceramic coating practically eliminates those issues creating an impenetrable extreme hydrophobic barrier over the clearcoat which last on average 5+ years of protection.

Ceramic Coating Process

System X Ceramic Protection

We exclusively use System X Ceramic product as our ceramic coating product. We are certified to get your vehicle protected for years to come. Visit their website if you'd like to learn more on this product.


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