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Professional Detailing

Includes washing the vehicle, the wheels and tires (with tire shine), wheel wells, and doorjambs with a spot free rinse. All glass and plastic trim protection added inside and out with vacuum cleaning. Shampooing of carpet and seats are also available.

Ceramic Coating

Includes Paint correction procedure first. Ceramic coating provides up to five year protection for your paint. It remains hydrophobic and ends with a high gloss finish. Maintenance for washes are easier once completed.

Power Washing

Here we use top of the line power washing equipment to ensure there is no damage to the home in the process. We also ensure no damage to the property, flowerbeds, etc. When it comes to the home we can provide professional cleaning of the driveway, patio, dock and any other areas needed while providing great results for your investment.

Paint Correction

Minor to severe scratches in the clear coat are completely removed in this procedure. Includes clay bar compound and polish using a Dual Action Polisher to remove swirls, scratches and oxidation to reveal a glassy smooth finish.

Headlight Restoration

Removes haze and oxidation from headlights. Restores clarity to headlights with UV protection.

Other Services

We also detail marine, RVs, motorcycle etc. Please contact us for more information on pricing and additional services to tailor to your vehicle or home needs.

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